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IT governance and process improvement are not easy and can often be costly to deliver.  BIT Consulting Inc. can provide IT governance as well as project management and change management. 

We are also now qualified to provide eligible businesses with digital advisory services through the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)!

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) launched the Boost Your Business Technology grant. This grant helps businesses adopt new digital technologies.

  • Use the free digital assessment tool to evaluate your business’s digital readiness
  • Get up to $15k to consult a digital expert to develop a digital adoption plan for your business
  • Get up to $100k in 0% interest loans from @BDC to implement your digital adoption plan
  • Use a funded work placement to get a student or recent graduate to help with your digital transformation

IT Governance

Technology and Digital Roadmaps are just elements of IT Governance.  BIT Consulting can assess your current processes and recommend IT governance improvements of the most value to your business. 

Project Management

We can provide project management professionals to assist with the implementation projects,  implementation of a project management office or just to assist you getting started with project management methodologies.

Change Management

One of the most difficult processes to often get going is change management.  This covers such a broad base of knowledge and domains of change.  BIT will focus on the highest risk areas of technology or digital change  and make recommendations for change management processes to address your highest risk factors.

What is a Technology Strategy?

What is a DIGITAL Strategy?

A technology strategy is how your company plans to implement technology over the future period and what services or products will be provided by this technology. 

A digital strategy is what processes will be digitalized and in some cases digitization of physical paper forms to electronic (and even automation, yes it is still happening).  Often a Digital Strategy is the integration of current technology platforms as well as a customer focused communication plan using technology and marketing strategies.  

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